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Fingerless mitts

I have never ever knitted mittens, fingerless or otherwise, on two needles. Until now. I don’t know what made me try.

Fingerless mittens

I had tiny balls of some nameless yarn. I knitted two rectangle pieces, did the seam and left a little gap for the thumb. Done.

These fingerless mitts are ok but I have to say that I do prefer knitting mittens in the round – doesn’t everyone? Unless, of course, there is a reason why they are done on two needle, like these. I want to try and make those babies one day.

Fingerless mittens

When out and about, I often have fingerless mittens in the rucksack. I swap my proper mittens to fingerless mittens when having a break. This way the hands still keep relatively warm but the grip on a mug is a bit more secure. Also, easier and tidier to hold on to one’s muffin!


Happy knitting!

5 thoughts on “Fingerless mitts

  1. I too prefer knitting in the round, but it’s fun to mix it up. I’m making a tam right now that is flat and seamed. We’ll see how it goes!


    1. It’s quite simple really if you know the basics of knitting. All you need to do is to knit a rectangle that is wide enough to go around your wrist/hand. Knit until the piece is long enough – from your knuckles to your wrist, however long you want them to be. Then seam the long sides together but leave a gap for your thumb: seam maybe about an inch from the top and leave a gab, maybe 1.5 inches or so and then seam the rest all the way to the bottom. You can put your hand in while you are seaming to see how long the gap needs to be. I hope this helps.

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