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So hideous it’s cute

The last few days have flown past! The best thing about holidays is having time to just sit and knit.

I discovered audio books some years ago. Here in the north we have long winters and lots of snow and we spend a lot of time ploughing. Audio books make that job enjoyable! You can completely forget that you are actually ploughing while listening to a book. All last winter I ploughed with Jack Vance’s Cadwal Chronicles. Fantastic! Little while ago I realised that audio books would work equally well with knitting. Even though knitting is enjoyable even in total silence, audio books are a nice distraction (as are films and tv series).  Past couple of weeks I’ve been knitting to Sylvain Neuvel’s The Themes Files.

Scrap yarn project bag

I hate wasting anything and one of the things I do with knitting and yarn is to collect short bits of yarn in a box and once I have collected some, I knot them all randomly and wind them into a ball. I use anything longer than about 30cm/12″. Bags are a good thing to use the surprise yarn ball for because all the knots are hidden underneath the lining.

Scrap yarn ball

For the project bag I used mostly specialty yarn. Some 15 years ago there was a bit of a thing with card making using specialty yarn, and because my mum loved specialty yarn and had lots of it, I asked her some for my card making. She gave me loads but I never made more than maybe one card. I decided to knot mostly these specialty yarns but also some ordinary yarn. The result is a project bag so hideous that it’s almost cute! I added a satin lining and a drawstring. It’s big enough to take a sock or mitten knitting for a car ride with you.

Waste not, want not!

5 thoughts on “So hideous it’s cute

  1. I LOVE it! Put some googly eyes on it!

    I have finally started getting into audio books for my long drives for work. I most recently finished “Harry Potter and a History of Magic.” It was really fascinating. Next in my queue is “The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History” by Kassia St. Clair. I have a hard time finding books I like, so I am going to look into your recommendations. They sound wonderful!

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    1. Ha, yes googly eyes would be good! I’m nuts about sci-fi and fantasy stories. Another one I really liked was “Do android dream of electric sheep” by Philip K. Dick. It’s the novel that Blade Runner is based on. The Golden Thread book sounds interesting. I just listened to a sample in Amazon. I’m also toying with the idea of listening to those knitting themed mystery novels which seem quite popular now.

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  2. Love the bag. Also so agree with the whole audiobook thing, my daily commute averages just under three hours and they are a great way to decompress. I’m quite envious of your need to plough as it means you have snow, the majority of our winter is grey sky that feels like it is sitting on your head with a side dish of fog and mizzle. Happy knitting. X

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I guess we are quite lucky to get snow. It would be quite miserable and dark if it didn’t snow at all. We are expecting a blizzard right now, so no doubt I’ll be ploughing again at the weekend. We usually have snow coverage till end of April. It’s a good reason to keep knitting 🙂


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