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Lace Shawl

In between other things, I made a little lace shawl.

Lace Scarf

I had some acrylic and viscose blend yarn I couldn’t find a use for, and thought a small scarf/shawl would work with it. It’s a very subtle light green, light grey and off-white yarn.

Lace Scarf

I found an interesting, yet easy, pattern by Novita. I don’t know if you people, who knit scarves and shawls all the time, are familiar with this kind of construction: on one end, every second row, two and three stitches on alternate times, are left on the needles. The stitches left for knitting reduce all the time, and once they are all done, the stitches that were left on the needle are knitted for 4 rows. This makes the triangle’s longest garter stitch edge. This is probably the world’s worst explanation for it. I guess the right way to describe it would be short rows. Anyway, I thought it was a nifty way to knit a shawl.

Lace Scarf

Here it is, on my famous prop tree, surrounded by lots of snow. I think, however, that this shawl would be a nice spring or summer shawl. That pesky snow just keeps on coming. We now have over a meter of it, and more and more keeps coming. This winter started with less snow than usual, but it’s making up for it now.

It might sound like I’m complaining but I’m not really. I mean, I like snow and winter – it would be stupid if I didn’t, because I moved up here voluntarily. The trouble is that often snow keeps coming all the time, so that all you end up doing is ploughing. I’m spending all the spare time I have and all the spare time I haven’t got, on ploughing. And that means that I can listen to audio books! Yay! It makes you almost forget you are ploughing. I’ve just started a new book: A Bakeshop Mysteries book 1: Meet Your Baker, by Ellie Alexandra. It’s very entertaining! I recommend this book, especially if you’re into cooking and baking. They tell about the yummy stuff they make in the bakery, and it’s all mouth-watering. You might want to take notes! The titles of the books in this series tickle me: A Batter of Life and Death, On Thin Icing, Caught Bread Handed and Fudge and Jury, just to mention a few.

Happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “Lace Shawl

  1. Have you ever read knitting mysteries? I know they exist, and now I’m thinking I should find them. I think I would like that better than baking mysteries, although who doesn’t like delicious baked goods?

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    1. I haven’t read any knitting mysteries but they are on my list of books to read. I might try and get my hands on them after these bakeshop books. I just googled the knitting mysteries and they also have very interesting titles, one of which being Needled to Death. Autch. That gotta hurt. 🙂 Also, Knit One, Kill Two.

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