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Every cloud has a snowy lining

I looked through some pictures and found shawl pictures taken back in February. I’m terrible at forgetting to work through stuff. Still, it’s nice to look at this snowy picture now as we are expecting temperatures of almost 30 °C by the end of the week. By then it would be nice to dive into this snow – it was up to the thighs.


Anyway, this shawl is a super soft garter stitch shawl – a kind of shallow and long triangle. The yarn is Pilvi (translates as ‘Cloud’) by Finnish Novita and it’s as soft and fluffy as a little kitten. I also like the understated gray colour. It goes with anything.


Here’s the back view. The highest point is about 31 cm / 12″ and the length is  about 174  cm / 68.5″. I won’t be needing this shawl this week but it’s always good to have warm gear handy. Just couple of days ago I wore a hat and mittens for a walk. It’s been freezing. So, it’s a bit of a roller coaster with the weather at the moment.


My blog attendance has also been a bit of a roller coaster recently but I’m hoping that things will get back to normal now.

Happy knitting!

4 thoughts on “Every cloud has a snowy lining

  1. We’ve just gone from one of the warmest autumns every recorded straight into winter. I hear you about “blog attendance” too. I always have good intentions but “life” has a habit of getting in the way! 🙂

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