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Jolly green jumper

I’ve just finished a summer top for a 5-year-old girl. I was not sure about this while knitting but it turned out quite well in the end and it is a good fit.

Summer top for a 5-year-old

I found the pattern in a Finnish knitting and sewing magazine. I used Schachenmayr Cotton Lux yarn in green. I only had 200g and knew it would not be enough. I went ahead anyway and decided to wing it. The green was enough for the front and back but would not be enough for the sleeves. I had some Drops Design Muskat in purple in my stash and so the sleeves became green-purple. At first I thought it was a crazy combination but I quite like it now.

Summer top for a 5-year-old

Hubby made a bee necklace to go with the summer look.

For some reason I knit/wear very little cotton. I guess it is the climate up here. The summer is so short and there doesn’t seen to be enough time to wear cotton. Summer is so short that if you blink, you missed it. I cycle and hike a lot and knitted cotton tops just don’t seem the right kind of stuff to wear. I go for t-shirts. Every summer I remind myself to wear my knitted cotton tops this summer (with skirts), and so often the summer is over before I wear any of them. I guess I should stop blinking.

I hope this little girl gets more wear out of her cotton top. She lives in the south where the summers are longer, so there’s hope.

Happy knitting!

10 thoughts on “Jolly green jumper

  1. Such a lovely tee ! Perfectly jolly for a little girl to wear in the summer!🌷🌿

    I envy you, Sari, it’s great to be so close to nature and spend your time in outdoor activities. But sure, cotton is not the perfect kind of fiber to wear on such occasions.

    Now that you’ve made this, these two colours will more likely than not be part of my next project♪ I happen to have a similar green & purple in my stash. Both are 80% wool, so perhaps it’ll be something for spring or autumn.Thanks a bunch for the inspiration 🙏

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    1. Thank you Leah! And you’re welcome for the inspiration. I’ve had those green and purple yarns for sometime and I’ve never considered using them together. Now I can’t understand why not. It seems like a good combination now. I look forward to seeing what you make of your green and purple. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. It’s only 14C here today and constant rain. They say that summer only starts in Lapland at midsummer, so it’s the middle of summer, and yet only the beginning. I hope you get lots of use out of your Quick Sand.

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  2. You are clever to use other color for the sleeves, it is such a cute look especially together with the home made bee necklace.
    I live in southern Spain and summer is quite long. I have just started to knit a mesh top with cotton yarn, I’m enjoying the creative process of it 💫

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    1. Thank you so much! Your summer is probably as long as our winter. I’ve seen in the news the tarmac-cracking temperatures in most of Europe and at the same time we have temperatures much below normal. I hope you are not melting. 🙂

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