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Juicy socks

Remember these socks I started little while ago? They are done now!

Knee socks

I used yarn I found in a flea market for €1.50 and since it had no label, I have no idea which yarn it is. I wanted to use all of the yarn and knitted the socks toe-up. I would have liked them just a touch higher but I ran out of yarn. I had no pattern – just winged it.

Knee socks

I used my new Addi Sockwonders for the first time with these. I chickened out on the heal and used dpn’s but otherwise they are all Sockwondered. I like them. They take a little getting used to but after that they are lovely. They are supposed to be easy on the hands but since I don’t really have any hand issues at the moment, I can’t say if that is the case. My Sockwonders are 2.5mm and I’m thinking of getting some in slightly bigger sizes for thicker socks. Then again, dpn’s are just fine too. And I have yet to learn the magic loop thing.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with these sprightly socks. They will brighten up my winter boots very soon.

Happy knitting!

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