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Good old 80’s

I have lots of yarn but I keep knitting old, unravelled jumper yarns. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. I just hate wasting stuff and having a jumper in the wardrobe that never gets worn seems like waste to me.

I knitted a jumper in the mid-80’s. I liked it and wore it quite a bit for some time. After that I’ve not worn it at all. It was quite big, like jumper were in the 80’s and these days it wouldn’t fit inside a jacket or coat, and that makes it unusable, as far as I’m concerned.

Old jumper reknitted.

So, I unravelled the jumper and knitted a smaller, simple, no-nonsense top-down jumper. Now it fits inside a coat. I don’t know anything about this yarn. It’s some kind of man-made fiber, possible mostly, if not entirely. In the 80’s I liked the colour. I liked those little colourful blobs. I still do. The yarn is quite thick and it only took about a week to knit this.

Back in the 80’s I remember thinking that this jumper is really warm because it’s so thick. Of course, it’s not that warm at all; I know that now. I plan to use it as an in-between seasons jumpers.

Little scarf
This scarf shows how much smaller the new jumper is compared to the old one. This is the leftover yarn from the jumper. The scarf is all garter stitch and I knitted until all the yarn was used. The scarf is about 160 x 32 cm so it’s a reasonable size.

None of this is helping me reduce my yarn stash but at least I didn’t waste much time on these AND at least now in my wardrobe there is a jumper I can use, rather than a jumper that just takes up space. The scarf is a bonus. WIN-WIN, methinks.

Happy knitting!

9 thoughts on “Good old 80’s

  1. I have a huge Aran jumper that I never wear and is huge, you’re making me wonder if I should unravel it and knit a smaller one and a matching hat or something. Perhaps one day I’ll do that, inspired by you. The new items look great.

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    1. Well, it’s an idea. I find it gratifying to reknit stuff that would otherwise just collect dust. It can be a job and a half to take a jumper to pieces but with a bit of patience it can always be done.
      And thanks.

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  2. Marvellous ! It’s simply amazing what you come up with from re-purposing of old yarn❤
    I’m not as smart as you are, all the stuff I knitted in my student days in early 90s I’ve either given away or unraveled once they weren’t worn but just took up space in the wardrobe. I honestly don’t remember what happened to the yarn but I do recall my favourite – a beautiful pearl white aran pullover with lovely braid and moss stripes made from a pattern in German which I now regret not having any more…🙁

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    1. Thank you Leah! You and me both. I don’t know what happened to lot of my knits from those days. I suspect my mum has given lots of them away – which is great if someone is actually wearing them. That’s better than unravelling. Your favourite jumper sounds great!

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      1. Thank you Sari ! It’s great to meet a knitting-style sister up North, since I don’t have any siblings 😊
        Well, I loved that particular jumper so much I sometimes think I could try a tweak re-make with the pattern still inside my head 😮 🤔

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