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Keeping warm

We are in the middle of a heatwave. The temperature has been around 30°C all week and it’s going to get hotter before some cold air from the Arctic Sea gets here next week. Just as well I just finished a warm cardigan. Hubby was not happy when I ordered him to put the cardigan on and go outside for a picture. He loves the cardigan though and went along with my whims.

Warm cardigan with a zipper

I was given this yarn and I don’t know what it is, but it seems quite warm and I’m guessing it has quite a lot of wool in it and a little bit of some other stuff. The pattern is from a Finnish Novita magazine from 2008. I’m pleased how the cardigan came out. Roll on autumn and winter. Or perhaps even next week would do.

Happy knitting!

9 thoughts on “Keeping warm

  1. The cardigan looks great, and I like this unknown yarn with its blue and red speckles.

    It’s only 22 degrees Celsius in Dublin, it seems like it’s one of the last bastions of acceptable summer temperatures. And even with this temperature, it feels very unpleasant because of the humidity.

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