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Jumping for Joy

I wanted to make a pair of crochet slippers – my first. I had some sock yarn from Lidl, which I used doubled, based loosely on this pattern. The patterns is by Drops Design and named ‘Jump for Joy’, which I was not doing when I unraveled for the third time.

Her crochet slippers

The forth attempt was finally a good one, and the second slipper after that was done quickly. I made the heel part higher than in the pattern because I wanted the slippers to stay on properly.

His crochet slippers

And then I made a pair  for the hubby, too. I left out the scalloped edge on these – I thought they’d look more masculine that way.

Happy crocheting!

14 thoughts on “Jumping for Joy

  1. They look comfy and remind me of the slippers my grandma crocheted for me years ago!
    Do you add some fabric/ leather etc. as a sole? I would like to knit or crochet a pair, but I wonder if they wouldn’t be too slippery.

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    1. No, I didn’t add fabric or leather. I find them not too slippery as they are – well, not if you don’t run around like a headless chicken anyway. Have you heard of the stuff called Sock Stop? It’s liquid stuff in a bottle, available in many colours, and you apply it to socks or slippers. When it dries it’s almost like rubber and acts as anti-slip. I’ve used it on children’s slippers and it seems to work ok.

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      1. My Grandma did too ! And they looked nearly identical to yours incl. the colour and the shell edging. When I saw them they made me smile with fond memories of those carefree childhood days with Grandma.

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      2. That’s so funny – everyone seems to have the same slippers made by grandma. Me too. When I was quite young, I got a pair of crochet mittens from grandma. I was mesmerised because I knew mittens were knitted and I’d never seen crochet mittens before. I thought they were so cool. I must have thought grandma was some kind of magician for being able to crochet mittens 🙂

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