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Knit with a view

I, like perhaps most knitters, take a knitting for long car or train journeys and anywhere where you know you have to wait, like in a health centre. Recently I’ve started to take a knitting for a walk and hike, too. I’ve read about many knitters who knit and walk at the same time. I would probably go flying if I did that because I mostly walk in the forest and quite often there is no path at all, or if there is one, it’s full of roots, rocks, sticks and other foresty things that would make you trip over if you didn’t look where you were going.

Instead, I do my walking first and then sit down somewhere nice on a rock or a tree stump and do a bit of knitting while admiring the view. Sometimes I take a flask of coffee, too.

Knitting in the woods

I love walking in the forest. Did you know that it’s well researched that walking in the forest lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, eases muscle tension, calms the mind and help lower stress? Add knitting and I’m so calm I’m practically in a coma! Seriously though, I’m certain it’s true and I always feel miles better after I spend time in the woods.

Knitting in the woods

I always try to have a simple sock or mitten knitting handy for walkies (although this time it was a leg warmer). Below is the project bag I take with me. Before it became a project bag it used to be a toddler’s spaghetti strap summer top. I turned it so that the straps were in the middle and sewed a seam to the bottom. Done. It’s just big enough to take a sock or mitten knitting and it easily folds into a rucksack or camera bag.

My project bag

Happy knitting!

17 thoughts on “Knit with a view

  1. Happy knitting to you too, Sari ! Well, you have a perfect combination there: relaxing in the woods and creating at ease. I wish I could do the same, and I’m sure many would too. That legwarmer is half way done and it’s looking good. Great colour for autumn walks in the woods !

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      1. Well, august is the perfect time to start knitting for the winter, so I’ve heard… 🙄 Haven’t started yet, anyway not while I still have cotton in my stash – from last summer unfinished knits 😛 😊

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      2. Yes, indeed. Funny how autumn and winter always seem to creep up and the warm knitting starts a bit late. Luckily knitters have warm stuff ready from previous years. Fingers crossed you’ll finish your last summer’s unfinished knits before autumn 🙂

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  2. That bag is such a great idea! I love being out in the bush here, but I’m not good at organising myself to have the time to do it. You are inspiring me to try harder, especially now that Spring is around the corner.

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  3. We do lots of woodland and forest walks here too, I still love walking on the beach as well but the woods have a different feel…like there may be pixies, elves and fairies hiding. We have 2 woodland walks nearby called Fairy Glen, that maybe why.

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    1. I’d love to walk on beaches too, but we don’t have any here. I have to make do with forests and hills. I’ll save the beach walks for when I’ll be back in Britain. And oh yes, the woods are full of all sorts, I’m sure, goblins and little sprites and whatnot. Fairy Glen walk would be cool!

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  4. Forests are one of the things I miss here in Ireland. There’s hardly any, and in most cases there are more like parks or exotic spruce plantations without forest floor plants and just generally feel dead.
    I’m a forester by trade so to speak, and used to work for the State Forests in Poland. For a while I lived in an old wooden cottage in the middle of the forest and while I don’t miss the freezing cold in the winter (no central heating or insulation), I do miss the company of the fat dormice living in the attic and the scenery in general. Forest is important for Polish culture, and mushroom picking is like a national sport, so not having it around feels weird.
    So I can live vicariously through your photos for a moment, thank you for sharing!

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    1. That’s so interesting that you’ve been a forester! Forests are very important for Finnish culture, too. About 75% of Finland is covered by forests, so it would be weird if they weren’t important. Mushroom and berry picking is like national sport here too.

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      1. Are people competitive about mushroom picking too? In Poland the most dedicated pickers have their secret parts of the forest where there’s an abundance of mushrooms or berries and they don’t give their secret away to anyone!

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  5. It sounds relaxing and refreshing. I love walking in the forest as well, usually bring some paper work along , find a quite spot to work on. Bringing the knitting project and coffee sounds nice 🧶☕️ I should try it sometime 💫☘️

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