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Knitting, cycling and a few sheep

I might have mentioned earlier this summer that I’ve started to take my knitting with me on hikes. Turns out, I also take my knitting to bicycle rides. Cycling is not really one of those activities when one thinks of doing any knitting, but sometimes when the weather is just right and there is no rush to get anywhere, stopping for a few rows is just great. There is a place to sit on the bike and the saddle works fine as an arm rest. I can’t complain.

Knitting and cycling

I often ride over this bridge. Finland is not a big sheep country but quite often I can see some sheep from this bridge. I usually just shout something like “hello ladies”, as I ride past them. This time I sat knitting on the bridge and was so pleased to be able to show the sheep my progress. Only one was interested.

Sheep and a mitten

Happy knitting!

17 thoughts on “Knitting, cycling and a few sheep

      1. We used to come up here for a holiday because the company I used to work for had a cottage here that the employees could hire. We liked it so much here that we decided to move. 13 years later and we still like it.

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  1. I tried to knit outdoors but I just can’t get into it. I’m always stressed out about it (for example, that the project would unravel in the bag etc.). I also often carry a book to read while I’m outside and then never do it, somehow I just space out and get lost in my thoughts when I’m away from home and forget about knitting or reading. I’m a bit jealous of this skill, it looks so relaxing 😉

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    1. I was the same. Knitting in the car or doctor’s waiting room was about as far as I could go. Knitting outside is something quite new to me. I’ve only really started doing it this summer. I never knit much outside, but even just a handful of rows is kind of nice. I often just carry the knitting with me but never even take it out of the rucksack. I think it’s all about the thought that I CAN knit if I want to.

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  2. Haha… Beautiful! Your “hello ladies” sounds just like what I’d say too, Sari 🙆 it’s such fun to read about your outdoors knitting & adventures 😘 thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures !

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    1. You’re welcome. I like to startle the sheep. They are so calm but when I whizz past on my bike and shout ‘hello ladies!’, it looks as if they were rolling their eyes. I like that 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them shouting ‘nutcase!’ or something to that effect.

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  3. I think I have found my soulmate!
    I’m an obsessive knitter and I’m never without a project.
    My husband and I are planning a cycle tour through Europe from April, and I’ve been contemplating what knitting project to take. I’m thinking 4-ply sock yarn.


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