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2 heads in a duffel bag

Sometimes the odd balls of yarn start to make me neurotic and I simply have to drop everything else and use up the yarn before it drives me crazy.

This 100% wool yarn was perfect for a slouchy hat.


Brown is not really my colour so I’m thinking that maybe this is part of my Christmas offering to someone. This would mean that I’ve actually started my Christmas present making. Yay me!


I had some more of the yarn left after the said hat, but not enough for another hat. So I added a stripe of another yarn – a dark grey-ish colour, which kind of goes. I knitted this one top-down so that I could use all of the yarn. I added a pompom with the dark grey-ish colour, just to make it look like it was all planned this way.

Beanie with pompom

I love hats and I wear them all the time – almost all year round. But still, this second hat might end up as a Christmas present, too. We’ll see. But to think of having two presents ready and September isn’t even finished yet. I’m on fire!

This yarn is all gone now. I can breathe again. But the dark grey-ish yarn might start to call me soon because there is some of it left. This is a never-ending circle.

By the way, this is the first time I carried a polystyrene head into the woods. It got a nice 7 km walk.

Beanie with a pompom

Happy knitting!

8 thoughts on “2 heads in a duffel bag

  1. I currently have a bag full of odd balls of yarn, leftover from my previous projects, and it’s unnerving, so I know what you mean!
    Also I love the thought of you carrying the head to the forest with you; a scene like from a movie (not sure horror or comedy?)!
    The hat looks great, love the idea of early Christmas presents making!

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    1. Even better than carrying a head in the woods would have been carrying a mannequin – a life-like one. That would have been like a horror film and might have ended up with me being hollowed by the police 🙂

      Christmas is just round the corner. Should have started present making yesterday (and by yesterday I mean January).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Every year I plan to start making gifts in January! But here I am, in September, with just 2 small gifts ready. And then I will panic in December. Seems that I’ll never learn…
        And yep, the full mannequin would be even better :)))

        Liked by 1 person

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