Fingerless mittens · Knitting · Stash busting

Whaddya fink?

Just a pair of fingerless mittens to get rid of some tiny balls of yarns. Fingerless mittens are so quick to knit that it’s almost like not knitting at all.

Fingerless mittens

This yarn is probably quite a few decades old. I think it’s from my grandmother’s stash. The yarn ball was wound over the yarn label (my grandmother used to do this and that’s how I know think it must be hers), which means that I found out the yarn name after I finished the mittens. It’s 100% Norwegian wool by Dale Garn, called Fink. It’s rough as a bear’s-you-know-what. I remember reading once that some people put hair conditioner in the rinsing water to soften the yarn. I tried that and to my surprise it actually worked. They are now a lot less like a bear’s-you-know-what. Still a little rough though. Ho-hum.

Fingerless mittens

It’s getting a bit cold for fingerless mittens now but one can always put mittens or gloves underneath the fingerless mittens.

Happy knitting!

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