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Fab mitts

Do you remember this shawl I knitted some time ago? I had just a tiny bit of the yarn left over. It was not enough for a matching hat or mittens. But fingerless mittens? I played yarn chicken and won. I finished a pair with just a couple of metres left over.

Fingerless mitts

I don’t usually use a pattern for fingerless mittens. I just wing it with the number of stitches (because I’m not so active with swatching). I knit either a rib or garter stitch cuff and ordinary increases for the thumbs (I’m not sure if there is a name for that kind of thumb increase), and then a matching ribbing or garter stitch for the other end. And finally just a few rounds for the thumbs.

Fingerless mitts

The yarn is Patons Fab, all acrylic. What it lacks in natural fibers it makes up for in bright colours. I could wear these with all black gloves underneath to keep my fingers warm, too.

Happy knitting!


11 thoughts on “Fab mitts

  1. Considering you were playing yarn chicken they’ve come out as almost the same. A lovely cheery set with the bright colours. I have merino glove liners I wear under fingerless mitts when it’s too cold, they’ll look great with these bright colours.

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