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Well travelled yarn

This is one of those jumpers that has a story of sorts. I bought the blue mohair yarn in Austria almost a lifetime ago, back in the 80’s. Mohair was a bit of a thing those days and this was a huge 300g ball – so soft and squishy.  I thought the light blue colour was great, pastels being also an 80’s thing. As so often, things happened and I never knitted anything with the blue yarn.

Then came 90’s, 1995 to be exact and I spotted a really great knitting magazine in the shop. Among many great designs was this nice big cable jumper with rib pattern all over it. I wanted to knit it as soon as I saw it. By ‘as soon as I saw it’ I meant ‘in 2019’. Clearly I’m not in a rush. Well, mohair is making a bit a comeback, I believe. Cables are always fashionable. Light blue is a bit too pastelly for my liking these days, but it’s still ok.

Mohair cable jumper

I knew the blue yarn would not be enough for the jumper but I thought I’ll think of something when it runs out. I knitted the front and back and then the collar. I knitted the sleeves top down so that I could use up all of the blue yarn. I planned to have a block of some other colour near the cuffs. I ran out of the blue yarn way too early. Fine, I’ll finish the sleeves with white. And then I ran out of white yarn. At this point I was getting a bit annoyed but having got this far, I didn’t want to unravel the whole jumper. And so the grey yarn came in.

I know, it looks a bit daft but I dedicated this jumper for wearing in the house only. Although I’m annoyed with it, I’m also pleased because I used the light blue yarn that has followed me from town to town, and even to different countries, and finally, more than 30 years later I used it! It’s not that the yarn was somehow amazing, but I think it’s the fact that it was bought in Vienna, my favourite city. For me, this yarn has Vienna written all over it. When I see this light blue yarn, my mind goes to Vienna immediately. Also, that cable jumper pattern has been haunting me for over 20 years. Better late than never, right?

Happy knitting!


15 thoughts on “Well travelled yarn

  1. I love the story of this yarn and the cable pattern. This gives me hope of one day making all the things I’d like to, even if some are in 30 years’ time. I didn’t think it looked odd, read about the yarn running out and still don’t think it looks off, it’s a design feature.

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    1. To those who rolls their eyes at all the yarn I have, I always say that all of this will be used, sooner or later. Even if it’s 30 odd years later. You still have hope! Aren’t we knitters (and crafters) strange folk? 🙂

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  2. I love Vienna too, we’ve been looking into moving there recently but my partner is worried about the language as he doesn’t speak German at all. I think it would still be fine with English in the beginning and I could translate for him if necessary but unfortunately, I think for a while we’re stuck in Ireland 😦
    It’s amazing that you’ve kept your yarn for so long, I usually feel the yarn that is in my stash for too long like a burden and I just have to use it up or swap it 😉 Also, love the cable at the front!

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    1. I could imagine that English is these days ok in Vienna – at least to start off with. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get to move there one day.

      I know, I’m quite amazed myself that I still had that yarn. I don’t normally keep yarn THAT long – it’s just one of those crazy things… 🙂

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  3. This jumper has turned out to be quite stylish, Sari! I like the length of it I bet it covers your bottom. I’ve bought some mohair and knitted my spring jumper over 30 years ago. You have inspired me to try using mohair again xx

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