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Fisherman’s beanie

In between knits that take a longer time to finish, it’s nice to knit something quick. So, here’s another hat. It’s a fisherman’s beanie in bulky yarn and it practically knitted itself!

A rib hat in bulky yarn

You might have noticed that I like to knit hats. I usually like simple, no-nonsense hats. Fisherman’s beanie ticks both of those boxes. The yarn is Novita’s Isoveli and it’s a 75% wool, 25% polyamide yarn in nice turquoise, forest green and very dark egg plant that looks brown when the light is not good. If fact, even when I bought the yarn I thought it was brown. It was only later that I found out it was egg plant colour which made me very happy because I like egg plant colour more than brown.

I used 5mm needles.  The pattern is unfortunately in Finnish only. But it’s the simplest of patterns and here’s the quickest of translations: Cast on 88 s and knit 2×2 rib pattern for 23 cm in the round. Then knit 2 together for the whole row (44 s). Knit 4 rows. Then knit 2 together for the whole row again (22 s). Knit 4 rows. Knit 2 together for the whole row and pull the yarn through all 11 s, pull tight and weave in the ends. Done.

A rib hat in bulky yarn

Happy knitting!

12 thoughts on “Fisherman’s beanie

  1. I also like simple, no nonsense hats. This one looks great! My only complaints about hand knit hats is they seem to get stretched out fairly easily. And then flop around on my head until I can reblock them. Am I knitting them too large?

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    1. Yes, they are probably too large. I do that all the time. So often I knit hats twice because they are simply too large first. They always look so small and you end up knitting them a bit bigger but then they flop around…

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      1. Indeed, I know the feeling too. Try and pull a hood over your hat and you end up with a hat over your eyes. In fact, pulling a hood over the hat should be the test to see if a hat is small enough. 🙂

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