Knitting Quiz

Alissa of Headknits made a really cool knitting quiz and here are my answers.

1. Share an image of a knitting pattern you love but would probably never knit.

These cable pants would be so comfy around the house but I can’t see myself knitting them.



2. What is your favorite knitting technique?

Stranded colour work.

3. Yarn: wool, alpaca, cotton, linen, hemp, silk, or acrylic?

I really like alpaca but I don’t have much experience with it (yet), so I have to say wool.

4. Needles: wood, bamboo, metal, plastic, or casein?

Wood, although I use all of these except casein.

5. Would you go on a knitting vacation? If yes, which country’s yarn shops would you like to visit?

I’d love to if I had the money and time. My top 1 country would be Scotland (and Shetland especially) but I wouldn’t mind visiting the Faeroe Islands, Iceland or Norway. Come to think of it, I’d go anyway.

6. Lace, fingering, sport, DK, worsted, or bulky? (If you had to choose just one)


7. Do you eat while knitting? If so, what?


8. Speckled yarn: yes or no?

Sure. I don’t usually say no to yarn.

9. Favorite knitting slang word?

Frogging, although I can’t say I ever use the word but I like it all the same.

10. Can you do anything else while knitting? Watching or listening to something doesn’t count.

I’ve thought about walking but since I mostly walk on forest paths with rocks, roots, sticks, tree stumps and such, or even somewhere with absolutely no path at all, I find knitting and walking kind of dangerous. Falling over with sharp, pointed sticks in my hands does not appeal to me somehow.

11. Favorite knitting pattern designer?

Kate Davies

12. Favorite yarn brand?

As a Finn, I have to say Novita. I do use it the most anyway.

13. Intentional felting: yes or no?

Yes. Slippers, bags, baskets, potholders, stuff like that.

14. Who taught you to knit?

My mother, although I think I learnt it properly at school. I think that was the second or third grade when we started knitting (and I would have been 8 or 9).

15. What’s your next knit?

A northern lights jumper for hubby. I’m also in the middle of socks and a cowl.


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