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Here’s a simple pair of knee-high socks. They are really warm in winter and they also work nicely as camouflage on boulder fields.

Knee socks

I used this pattern by Novita (in Finnish) with Novita’s 7 Veljestä Tweed yarn.

‘Scuse my spiderman suit!

14 thoughts on “Camouflaged

    1. Yes, there is some calf shaping. There’s 8 stitches less on the ankle than there is on the top of the calf (the calf was started off with 52 s). It’s fairly thick yarn and knits up fairly quickly, despite the length.

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      1. This is just pure genius, I love them! I’m staring at the screen giggling, but sadly I think if I knitted them, my cats would go through nervous breakdown (like they once did when I bought Minnie Mouse-shaped slippers). Awesome (ewesome?) pattern!

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      2. Poor cats, maybe you should not bother with the ewesome socks. My mum knitted a pair of cocker spaniel soft toys for us, spitting image of our 2 cocker spaniels. One of the dogs was always really scared of the knitted dogs and would keep well away from them.

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