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Pom pom beanie

This week, I have been mostly knitting hats. I love hats. I wear them all the time. One reason is, obviously, the fact that I live way above the Arctic Circle and the winters here are long and cold and I like to keep my head and ears warm. Any other time a hat keeps my unruly hair away from my face and eyes.

Woolly hat

This is just a bog-standard beanie. It’s a top-down hat. I like to knit top-down hats when I only have a very limited amount of yarn and want to use it all. The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Ecologico Color. I only had one 50g ball and I kind of knew that it would not be enough, but I started anyway. When it became obvious that the yarn would only be enough for a skull cap, I decided to add a thick stripe of Finnish Novita Huopanen. I had some in orange, which seemed like a good match. I was certain that the stripe would look daft but I was wrong. I like it. It’s like I planned it this way.

Pom Pom hat
Also, I’ve never been too keen on pom poms. They are alright, but I would not often put them on my hats. For some reason I thought that one would look good on this hat and since I had an orange pom pom ready-made years and years ago, I decided to go wild and put one on. And I love it. So, all in all, a success!

Woolly hat

Happy knitting!

Felting · Knitting · Outdoors

Cold nose, warm bum

Me and my hubby like to go out on walks. We like to climb up on hills and fells, or just ramble in the woods. We live practically in the middle of nowhere and only need to get out of the door to be in the forest. We absolutely love it. The smells, the peace and quiet, the atmosphere, all the inspiration you get there and all the cool things you can see. One of the nicest things about our walks is the break. The coffee break. Coffee, or anything really, tastes so much better outside. We take coffee in a flask and stop somewhere nice. It’s nice to just sit and listen to the wind or the birds and to the quietness, even. The problem is, if it’s not the dead of  (a very warm) summer, your bum gets cold very quickly when sitting on rocks. I knit all sorts of things but only recently I thought about knitting a bum warmer.

Felted bum warmers

I found a nice Drops pattern for a domino square. I knitted one with Viking Naturgarn and another one with Novita’s Huopanen. They were felted in the washing machine and they felted totally differently. The orange coloured Huopanen was bigger before felting but smaller after. The lilac Naturgarn felted evenly but the stitches can still be seen quite easily. Still, I like them both and they are very good insulators. Even if a rock is ice-cold, the bum keeps warm.

Keeping it warm

Things get different when there’s snow. The felted wool still insulates but the snow underneath melts and eventually you’ll get a wet bum. Wool might be a good insulator and it might repel moisture but waterproof it is not. I have to take something with me in the future to put underneath the felt to keep the water out. This picture below was taken couple of weeks ago when we got our first snowfall of the year. It’s all gone now but no doubt there will be some more soon.

All set

Happy knitting!