Hats · Knitting

Fisherman’s beanie

In between knits that take a longer time to finish, it’s nice to knit something quick. So, here’s another hat. It’s a fisherman’s beanie in bulky yarn and it practically knitted itself!

A rib hat in bulky yarn

You might have noticed that I like to knit hats. I usually like simple, no-nonsense hats. Fisherman’s beanie ticks both of those boxes. The yarn is Novita’s Isoveli and it’s a 75% wool, 25% polyamide yarn in nice turquoise, forest green and very dark egg plant that looks brown when the light is not good. If fact, even when I bought the yarn I thought it was brown. It was only later that I found out it was egg plant colour which made me very happy because I like egg plant colour more than brown.

I used 5mm needles.  The pattern is unfortunately in Finnish only. But it’s the simplest of patterns and here’s the quickest of translations: Cast on 88 s and knit 2×2 rib pattern for 23 cm in the round. Then knit 2 together for the whole row (44 s). Knit 4 rows. Then knit 2 together for the whole row again (22 s). Knit 4 rows. Knit 2 together for the whole row and pull the yarn through all 11 s, pull tight and weave in the ends. Done.

A rib hat in bulky yarn

Happy knitting!

Jumper · Knitting


Ta-dah! Another finished jumper for hubby.

Buttoned-up jumper

This is a ‘granddad shirt’ type jumper. I thought I might get bored out of my wits knitting this, it being fairly thin yarn and all stockinette. But because it’s all stockinette, it was really quick – I didn’t have time to get bored out of my wits. The pattern is once again by Novita. They have lots of patterns in English but I seem to be good at picking patterns that are only available in Finnish. The yarn is Nalle by Novita and the colour is lovely denim blue.

Union Jack buttons

I really wanted to add European Union buttons but I didn’t have any, so Union Jacks it is. EU buttons would have been a statement, but these Union Jack buttons are just buttons. No political undertones. ‘Nuff said.

Happy knitting!

Knitting · Shawl

Lace Shawl

In between other things, I made a little lace shawl.

Lace Scarf

I had some acrylic and viscose blend yarn I couldn’t find a use for, and thought a small scarf/shawl would work with it. It’s a very subtle light green, light grey and off-white yarn.

Lace Scarf

I found an interesting, yet easy, pattern by Novita. I don’t know if you people, who knit scarves and shawls all the time, are familiar with this kind of construction: on one end, every second row, two and three stitches on alternate times, are left on the needles. The stitches left for knitting reduce all the time, and once they are all done, the stitches that were left on the needle are knitted for 4 rows. This makes the triangle’s longest garter stitch edge. This is probably the world’s worst explanation for it. I guess the right way to describe it would be short rows. Anyway, I thought it was a nifty way to knit a shawl.

Lace Scarf

Here it is, on my famous prop tree, surrounded by lots of snow. I think, however, that this shawl would be a nice spring or summer shawl. That pesky snow just keeps on coming. We now have over a meter of it, and more and more keeps coming. This winter started with less snow than usual, but it’s making up for it now.

It might sound like I’m complaining but I’m not really. I mean, I like snow and winter – it would be stupid if I didn’t, because I moved up here voluntarily. The trouble is that often snow keeps coming all the time, so that all you end up doing is ploughing. I’m spending all the spare time I have and all the spare time I haven’t got, on ploughing. And that means that I can listen to audio books! Yay! It makes you almost forget you are ploughing. I’ve just started a new book: A Bakeshop Mysteries book 1: Meet Your Baker, by Ellie Alexandra. It’s very entertaining! I recommend this book, especially if you’re into cooking and baking. They tell about the yummy stuff they make in the bakery, and it’s all mouth-watering. You might want to take notes! The titles of the books in this series tickle me: A Batter of Life and Death, On Thin Icing, Caught Bread Handed and Fudge and Jury, just to mention a few.

Happy knitting!

Jumper · Knitting · Stash busting

Doing a Spike Lee with purple

I have a very-quickly-knitted jumper. For once it’s a jumper that I started recently, and finished in just a couple of weeks. So no procrastinating here for a change.

Mohair jumper

The yarn, however, I’ve had for some years now. I’m trying to use up my stash and a lot of the yarn I have is at least a few years old (and some even a few decades). This yarn is called Novita Rose Mohair. It’s 65% acrylic and 35% mohair. It’s obviously not the warmest of yarns/jumpers, but right now, as it’s not so cold (it’s been close to zero degrees C, or even above), it’s ideal. The pattern is by Novita, too. I only changed the striping a bit.

I’m very pleased with the jumper. I wasn’t 100% sure I would like it when I was knitting it, but I do. There’s enough positive ease to make it very comfortable and it’s also very light. It only weighs 230g. At the moment it’s perfect with a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Happy knitting!

Knitting · Outdoors · Woolly pants

Mandatory use of woolly pants

Probably the best thing I’ve ever knitted for winter use are my woolly pants. They are so warm and I don’t know how I’ve managed to stay alive without them. When you live way above the Arctic Circle where temperatures can easily drop below -40C (-40F), clothing needs to be seriously practical and most of all warm.

What you need to do is this: First put on your long johns and socks. Then woolly pants. Then padded pants. Add woolly socks as needed. That’s warm.

Woolly pants

I used a pattern (sorry in Finnish only) by Novita and also their yarn Nalle Taika. I love that colour. Shame that these pants are usually hidden from view.

Then of course my hubby needed woolly pants too.

Woolly pants

Their pattern is also by Novita and yarn is Nalle. He is also very pleased with his woolly pants.

I like the woolly pants so much that I’ve already earmarked another pair which I’ll knit some time. These are for me and these for hubby. I have yarn ready for mine as well.

Talking of woolly pants, there was a children’s programme on TV when I was little. It was called “Mandatory use of woolly pants”. A little boy, Timo, has been ill with a chest cold and he’s been off school for a few days. When he’s well again and gets ready to go to school, his father says that it’s very cold outside and he must wear woolly pants because he’s just been ill. Timo thinks this is embarrassing because the other boys don’t wear woolly pants. The pants his father brought to him had even a heart-shaped patch on the bum. Timo tries to protest by saying that he does not breath with his bum, but it doesn’t help. He has to put the pants on.

At school that day they have a doctor’s check-up. Timo is terrified because he thinks that other boys might see his woolly pants if he needs to take his clothes off. He can’t concentrate on anything and just has terrible images in his mind all day. He came up with the idea that if the president would announces on TV a mandatory use of woolly pants, he’d be ok. Everyone then would have to wear woolly pants. With his mind’s eye he sees the news anchor announcing the mandatory use of woolly pants, ordered by the president. It would last till first of May, when the use of summer clothes would be allowed, weather permitting. And then the news anchor starts a woolly pants rock dance presenting woolly pants fashion. That’s classic!

This whole film used to be available online not too long ago, but all I could find now were little snippets. If you want to see the woolly pants rock, click here. This is Finland in 1977. Enjoy!

Happy knitting!


Weak is as weak does

My yarn stash is slowly taking over the whole house and if I’m not careful, I might have to move into the shed soon. And then – without even blinking – I ordered some more yarn. Well, what could I do? There were good offers and free shipping to boot!


This is all Finnish Novita yarn. Black and white yarn on the bottom right corner is a reflective yarn and the gray yarn on the top left corner has silver metallic effect on it, even though the picture doesn’t show it. The rest are 7 Veljestä, Nalle and Venla, which all have the same consistency (75% wool and 25% polyamide) but they are different thicknesses: worsted, dk and fingering, respectively.

Until my next moment of weakness, this should keep me busy!

Happy knitting!

Hats · Knitting

Pom pom beanie

This week, I have been mostly knitting hats. I love hats. I wear them all the time. One reason is, obviously, the fact that I live way above the Arctic Circle and the winters here are long and cold and I like to keep my head and ears warm. Any other time a hat keeps my unruly hair away from my face and eyes.

Woolly hat

This is just a bog-standard beanie. It’s a top-down hat. I like to knit top-down hats when I only have a very limited amount of yarn and want to use it all. The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Ecologico Color. I only had one 50g ball and I kind of knew that it would not be enough, but I started anyway. When it became obvious that the yarn would only be enough for a skull cap, I decided to add a thick stripe of Finnish Novita Huopanen. I had some in orange, which seemed like a good match. I was certain that the stripe would look daft but I was wrong. I like it. It’s like I planned it this way.

Pom Pom hat
Also, I’ve never been too keen on pom poms. They are alright, but I would not often put them on my hats. For some reason I thought that one would look good on this hat and since I had an orange pom pom ready-made years and years ago, I decided to go wild and put one on. And I love it. So, all in all, a success!

Woolly hat

Happy knitting!