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Utmost gravity

Another one of my stash busting projects. I wanted to use up all of this yarn, which I dyed ages ago. I wanted to make fingerless mittens but to use up all of the yarn, I knitted them top down.

Also, I think I reinvented gravity because these mittens are hanging on this wall without anything holding them up. There are no nails or hooks or anything. I put the mittens next to the wall, thinking they would look good there but I had nothing to attach them. To my amazement, they stayed, just like that. Hurrah for weathered wood.

Fingerless mittens

I knitted the cuffs as long as I could. I suppose they would look best bunched up. The yarn is Novita’s Florica, 100% wool. I knitted them with 2.5mm needles. Can you see the snowshoes below? Yup, this is another project I photographed end of winter and then forgot all about them. Snowshoes are kind of essential if you go off the beaten track here in winter. Or, not essential as such, but it’s just very hard work to walk without them if you sink down to your thighs with every step. Anyway, enough about winter – it’s summer now! Well, sort of.

Fingerless mittens

I’m very pleased with these and happy to have another little bundle of yarn less in my stash.

Happy knitting!

8 thoughts on “Utmost gravity

  1. Love the pastel colours and the length of them ! Actually,
    I prefer short sleeve jumpers even in cold weather and when I need more warmth I just pop on some mitts to keep my hands and wrists warm. These would come in extra handy !!

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      1. Thank you❤It really works for me when the winter arrives together with shawls in place of turtle neck sweaters… I love keeping it simple & functional but chic to a minimum 😉

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      2. You know, I’m knitting a cardi at the moment and been changing my mind about the sleeves, unable to decide if they should be short or long. Today I’ve decided once and for all, thanks to you, that they should be short. It’s wool but thin and short sleeves are going to be perfect for the in-between seasons. Thank you for helping me decide!

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