Crochet · Scarf

Velvety goodness

I’m much more comfortable with knitting than I am with crochet. Crochet projects can very easily not get finished. They can collect dust for a long time if I’m not careful. Well, it was time to finish this scarf.

Crochet scarf

This is a very soft chenille scarf, done with trebles and chain stitches only. It’s Sirdar Chenille DK yarn and although it’s quite bulky, it doesn’t feel too bulky because of the net-like finish. I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would.

I haven’t blocked this. I’m not sure how well chenille yarn would block so I didn’t bother. It’ll be crunched up around my neck, so who cares if it’s blocked or not? I certainly don’t.

Crochet scarf with autumn colours

Autumn is pretty much finished here (we had our first bit of snow today!). The other day it was nice and sunny, a rare thing this autumn, so I rushed to get pictures with the lovely reds of the ground.

Happy knitting crochet!

Knitting · Leg Warmers

Fill your boots

You might remember my leg warmers earlier in the summer at midnight and in the woods. These leg warmers got around before they were done. I knitted a few rows here and a couple of rows there. This is what they look like now all done.

Leg warmers

These were the perfect things to knit when out and about. No thumbs, no heels, nothing but straightforward stockinette. Row counting was the only thing besides straightforward stockinette knitting. I’m quite new to knitting outside and I have to say that to me it’s not so much about knitting as such but more about being able to knit outside if I wanted to. Some kind of mental thing, I think. I almost always knitted just a few rows at the time. And it was great.

Leg warmers in action

The leg warmers were knitted with Finnish Novita’s Nalle Taika yarn, which is 75% wool and 25% polyamide and nicely variegated. The reason I’ve wanted to knit leg warmers in the first place was because so often in the winter one ends up with a boot full of snow. It’s awful. First it’s nothing but slowly the snow starts to melt and then you’ll have a wet sock, a wet boot and eventually cold feet and ankles. The plan is that the bottom of the leg warmers go over the boots and stop the snow getting into the boots. Obviously the leg warmers work in autumn, too, but they mostly just keep the legs a bit warmer then.

Coffee break in the woods

I don’t remember what the name of this colourway is but perhaps it has something to do with autumn. It certainly is very autumnal.

Happy knitting!