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Fall on the fells

I’ve decided a hundred times that I would crochet more. I want to learn to crochet better and to be more comfortable and relaxed about it. And still I don’t crochet that often. I guess knitting just takes priority every time. But I do make the odd, simple crochet project once I put my mind to it.

Crocheted hat

I crocheted these cool, simple hats with some leftover yarn from a cardigan project. The blue is for my hubby and it has one more increase round than the white one, which is mine. The yarn is Novita Samos, which is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It’s a very spongy yarn and it feels nice and it’s lovely to knit and crochet.

Crocheted hat

There’s me wearing my cool hat just before snow came. I love this hat for hikes because it’s non-itchy and it stays well in place. It’s warm but not hot, even when it’s not cold.

This place is close to where we live. We usually cycle there because it’s so much faster and then we might continue by foot on top of the fell. The climb up here is a bit of a struggle as the path turns almost vertical at one point. You need good brakes on the way back down. The view out over the fells is especially nice in the autumn and is typical Lappish landscape.

Autumn cycling

Happy knitting!


The Journey Begins

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I learned to knit at school, like you did those days, in the 70’s. Knitting has always been quite a big part of life in my family and it was kind of inevitable that I would become a knitter. There have been times when I knit a lot, and times when I don’t. For some time now I’ve been in turbo-knitting mode! I come from Helsinki, in the south of Finland, but I’ve lived in Finnish Lapland for the past 12 years. I share the house with my English husband and an English cocker spaniel named Oskar. We all love the outdoors, the clean nature that surrounds us and the cold weather most of the year that so requires warm, knitted woolleys. Ha!

This is a very sparsely populated area and therefore I thought I’d rather show off my knittings to you, the world, here on my new blog. You’re welcome.

Happy knitting!