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2 heads in a duffel bag

Sometimes the odd balls of yarn start to make me neurotic and I simply have to drop everything else and use up the yarn before it drives me crazy.

This 100% wool yarn was perfect for a slouchy hat.


Brown is not really my colour so I’m thinking that maybe this is part of my Christmas offering to someone. This would mean that I’ve actually started my Christmas present making. Yay me!


I had some more of the yarn left after the said hat, but not enough for another hat. So I added a stripe of another yarn – a dark grey-ish colour, which kind of goes. I knitted this one top-down so that I could use all of the yarn. I added a pompom with the dark grey-ish colour, just to make it look like it was all planned this way.

Beanie with pompom

I love hats and I wear them all the time – almost all year round. But still, this second hat might end up as a Christmas present, too. We’ll see. But to think of having two presents ready and September isn’t even finished yet. I’m on fire!

This yarn is all gone now. I can breathe again. But the dark grey-ish yarn might start to call me soon because there is some of it left. This is a never-ending circle.

By the way, this is the first time I carried a polystyrene head into the woods. It got a nice 7 km walk.

Beanie with a pompom

Happy knitting!

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Knitting, cycling and a few sheep

I might have mentioned earlier this summer that I’ve started to take my knitting with me on hikes. Turns out, I also take my knitting to bicycle rides. Cycling is not really one of those activities when one thinks of doing any knitting, but sometimes when the weather is just right and there is no rush to get anywhere, stopping for a few rows is just great. There is a place to sit on the bike and the saddle works fine as an arm rest. I can’t complain.

Knitting and cycling

I often ride over this bridge. Finland is not a big sheep country but quite often I can see some sheep from this bridge. I usually just shout something like “hello ladies”, as I ride past them. This time I sat knitting on the bridge and was so pleased to be able to show the sheep my progress. Only one was interested.

Sheep and a mitten

Happy knitting!

Dress · Knitting

Dress in sweet colours

I made a little girl’s dress and I’m quite pleased with it. I like the skirt part of it, which is knitted in stockinette first and then turned inside out. The rest is knitted normally in stockinette. This is all in cotton and it’s nice in summer time. I guess there is nothing stopping wearing tights and a warmer shirt underneath in cooler times.

Small clothes are so fast to knit. They are practically finished as soon as they are started.

Girl's dress

Happy knitting!

Knitting · Shawl

Autumn Joy

A little while ago I bought a 150g ball of yarn that was a nice colour and I thought it would make a nice, little scarf or shawl. Now I’ve knitted one.


I used a Drop Design pattern called ‘Autumn Joy‘. I needed a pattern for a shawl that could be finished anytime when the yarn runs out. Like I said, I only had 150g (390m) and I used 6mm needle. The shawl is about 122cm x 52cm in size. It’s not very big but it’s big enough. The yarn is 100% acrylic and it’s very soft – which is nice since it’ll be round my neck.

This was a nice and quick ‘stretching muscles’ kind of knit in between other knits.


Happy knitting!

Knitting · Leg Warmers · WIP

Knit with a view

I, like perhaps most knitters, take a knitting for long car or train journeys and anywhere where you know you have to wait, like in a health centre. Recently I’ve started to take a knitting for a walk and hike, too. I’ve read about many knitters who knit and walk at the same time. I would probably go flying if I did that because I mostly walk in the forest and quite often there is no path at all, or if there is one, it’s full of roots, rocks, sticks and other foresty things that would make you trip over if you didn’t look where you were going.

Instead, I do my walking first and then sit down somewhere nice on a rock or a tree stump and do a bit of knitting while admiring the view. Sometimes I take a flask of coffee, too.

Knitting in the woods

I love walking in the forest. Did you know that it’s well researched that walking in the forest lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, eases muscle tension, calms the mind and help lower stress? Add knitting and I’m so calm I’m practically in a coma! Seriously though, I’m certain it’s true and I always feel miles better after I spend time in the woods.

Knitting in the woods

I always try to have a simple sock or mitten knitting handy for walkies (although this time it was a leg warmer). Below is the project bag I take with me. Before it became a project bag it used to be a toddler’s spaghetti strap summer top. I turned it so that the straps were in the middle and sewed a seam to the bottom. Done. It’s just big enough to take a sock or mitten knitting and it easily folds into a rucksack or camera bag.

My project bag

Happy knitting!

Crochet · Slippers

Jumping for Joy

I wanted to make a pair of crochet slippers – my first. I had some sock yarn from Lidl, which I used doubled, based loosely on this pattern. The patterns is by Drops Design and named ‘Jump for Joy’, which I was not doing when I unraveled for the third time.

Her crochet slippers

The forth attempt was finally a good one, and the second slipper after that was done quickly. I made the heel part higher than in the pattern because I wanted the slippers to stay on properly.

His crochet slippers

And then I made a pair  for the hubby, too. I left out the scalloped edge on these – I thought they’d look more masculine that way.

Happy crocheting!

Cardigan · Knitting

Keeping warm

We are in the middle of a heatwave. The temperature has been around 30°C all week and it’s going to get hotter before some cold air from the Arctic Sea gets here next week. Just as well I just finished a warm cardigan. Hubby was not happy when I ordered him to put the cardigan on and go outside for a picture. He loves the cardigan though and went along with my whims.

Warm cardigan with a zipper

I was given this yarn and I don’t know what it is, but it seems quite warm and I’m guessing it has quite a lot of wool in it and a little bit of some other stuff. The pattern is from a Finnish Novita magazine from 2008. I’m pleased how the cardigan came out. Roll on autumn and winter. Or perhaps even next week would do.

Happy knitting!